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Askaide is a help platform between individuals which puts free of charge people with skills in fields as diverse as DIY, gardening, 'domestic help, child care, services for the elderly, home medical care or pet care.':

You just have to choose from the hundreds of profiles that are offered on our website and which are present in all the cities of France, such as example Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Bordeaux or Lille for France, but also in Belgium: Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Brussels, Schaerbeek, Anderlecht , Bruges, Namur or Leuven.

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    Babysitting sur Bruxelles

    Babysitting sur bruxelles et Anvers

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    Cathrine , Namur

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    Bonjour je suis psychomotricien, je donne des informations sur plusieurs pathologies : troubles psychomoteurs, l’autisme, trisomie 21 …

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    Je suis aide medico psychologique depuis 20 ans travaillant avec des enfants ados et adulte atteint d autisme sévère recherche à garder vos enfants en situation. De handicap le mercredi et week-end

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    Je suis électricien de formation

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Why choose Askaide as a peer-to-peer help platform?

  • A free help platform

    Few home help platforms or personal help platforms offer free access. If you have a particular skill (no need to be a professional) and you want to devote some of your time to helping others, you can register for free on Askaide.

    If you need help, you can consult the profiles of registered members just as free of charge to come and help you at home or sometimes even remotely. Askaide is a solidarity platform for services between individuals that plays the card of the 'help.':

    No more calling a service company to replace an overhead light bulb, find a trusted babysitter or a math teacher to help the little one with his homework!

  • A simple to use platform

    A simple registration and there are hundreds of offers and profiles at your disposal. Everything has been studied to simplify your life: you indicate where you live and we immediately find the people closest to your home.

    Our interface is intended to be intuitive, human-centered and easy to consult. You have the choice: post an ad to ask for help, consult the proposals for help between individuals already in line or add your announcement to offer your help.

  • A fast and user-friendly platform

    Askaide favors above all human contact: as soon as your ad is written, you start to receive messages from members of the community, ready to help you. Our tool favors human dialogue and you allows you to chat effectively to meet your need as quickly as possible.

Testimonials from our users

Express your sense of service to people

Mutual support is one of the finest qualities of human beings. Everyone has knowledge in certain areas and needs the help of others in other areas.

It is on this evidence that the help platform between individuals was born. Of course, all work deserves its fair remuneration and some of the services offered on our platform are against a reward.

It's up to you to set your price when you offer your services. You can even create your profile in order to find a job.

Offer my services to the community
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The values and mission of the Askaide platform

The initial idea was to create a real community of individuals united around common values which are: trust, mutual aid, solidarity but also respect, tolerance and hospitality.

These values, Askaide wishes to transmit them through the very concept of the platform, by allowing individuals to find a job and to be helped in their everyday life.

The underlying idea is to form, around Askaide, a community that shares its skills to make life easier for other individuals.

Regarding its mission, Askaide aims to finance solidarity initiatives oriented towards humanism. Its purpose is also to inspire people to realize that they are citizens of the world and that together they can do great things.

The creation of a virtuous circle

On Askaide everyone is lucky to be helped.

Askaide helps you find a job or help in your daily life, but our platform goes even further. Indeed, by being helped, you help in turn since the profits of the platform are donated to humanitarian associations and NGOs.

We are proud to have succeeded in creating this virtuous circle in which everyone wins, everyone is helped.
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A platform with a united ambition

If you have chosen Askaide, it is because you are surely sensitive to its values and you too are ready to help in turn. Know that by subscribing to the Askaide platform, your money is donated to a just cause.

It is also very important for us to be transparent with our community, which is why we will always communicate on the humanitarian actions carried out thanks to the money generated by the platform.

You are making a conscious gesture by subscribing to Askaide and our way of thanking you is to show you all the great things you have allowed us to achieve.

If you want to do more, Askaide also offers you to make online donations, you will find the link by clicking right here if you are interested. And to find out more about Askaide, click here.
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